Preparing a Business Plan

Anyone who wants to gain support for an idea or initiative needs a well-prepared business plan. A business plan is like a road map that helps you clearly see the opportunities and obstacles you'll inevitably face as you pursue your business idea.


Business Planning Essentials: Preparing a Business Plan

Preparing a plan takes a lot of time because a plan typically contains many sections and comprehensive information. But it's worth spending time on it. With a well-prepared plan, you stand a better chance of getting the support you need to succeed. This course describes what a business plan is, why you use it, and its main ingredients – opportunity, solution, execution, and outcomes. It also explains how to prepare to create your plan by defining your purpose clearly, doing proper research, and establishing goals. In addition, the course offers guidelines on how to write and structure your plan effectively by, for example, paying particular attention to the executive summary, telling a compelling story, and making sure your idea fits the business need.

Target Audience
Business leaders, professionals, and managers who want to gain or refine their skills for planning and developing strategic business plans
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